Rent2Buy & Property lease

Property lease is a modern and safe way to purchase your home. You will have up to 36 months for saving down payment or 120 months to purchase the whole home. Payment will never increase for the entire duration of the contract – this is safe and comfortable. The service includes apartments, cottages, and houses.

  • You can choose from all the apartments for sale on the market.
  • Move into a new apartment immediately and without worries.
  • Pay less than just renting an apartment.

Kokia Jūsų svajonių būsto kaina?



Down payment

Save down payment to the bank. You will have up to 36 months to do so. During that time, you will have the opportunity to manage your finances and credit history – then you will be able to successfully borrow from the bank.

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Property lease

Full home purchase without a bank

It is a safe way to buy any home you like and pay off 100% of its value without a bank loan. You will have up to 120 months to do so. Payments will not increase for the entire contract period.

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Apartment search

We will find the perfect home for you

If you have decided to buy a home with a lease but haven’t found the right one, and it is too early to go to the bank – we will help you find it.

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Recommended properties

We are working actively, to offer you the best home with property lease. Here you will find recently added properties: