Property lease services

  • Move into a new apartment immediately.
  • Lower rental price.
  • 10 years 100% purchase contract.
  • Down payment for the bank.
  • Possibility to redeem 100% of the apartment value without a bank.


This service is intended for those who want to buy their own apartment and do not have the 15% initial deposit required by the bank. Over the chosen term, which usually lasts from 1 to 3 years - save down payment, and then borrow the remaining amount from the bank to purchase housing.

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Property lease

If you have a down payment of 15-50% of the value of the apartment and do not want to commit to the bank - this service is for you. We will make you an apartment redemption schedule from 2 to 10 years and this way you will have the opportunity to buy your desired apartment more easily.

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Choose from offered properties

Apartments we offer. We work hard and intensively to provide a wide and appropriate range of apartments that can be purchased through Leasing / Rent2Buy. Choose the apartment you like and apply for it.

Properties we offer

Offer the desired apartment

You can try to buy an apartment by leasing from any Lithuanian real estate portal or advertisement. Just fill out the Application Form and we will try to agree with the Seller to agree to the terms of the lease.

Application form

Probably you know situation when:

You have chosen a home, but it's to early to go to the bank

It is a familiar situation when you do not seem to be interested in the apartment market at the moment and you are not looking for anything, but the apartment of your dreams suddenly finds you. First thought – I want it! The second thought is probably that it is to early to go to the bank. And the reasons are usually various, such as:

  • You just started your new job, and you don’t meet the 6-month requirement set by the bank;
  • You are working with an individual or business certificate and you will only have the income declaration required by the bank in April-June of the following year;
  • You work a seasonal job or get a performance-based salary and your income will definitely be higher in the next 6-9 months;
  • You work abroad and earn your income in the country where you work.
The apartment is still under construction, but savings are needed now

Most new construction apartments are sold with partial finishing. Our partners (real estate developers) agree to enter into a preliminary purchase agreement without an initial or minimum down payment. If the apartment you have chosen is not yet furnished and you do not have a down payment to purchase that apartment, we suggest you solve this situation as follows:

  • You pay a minimum down payment that does not exceed 4% of the value of the apartment you are buying;
  • We create a suitable payment schedule for you;
  • You pay monthly installments for the entire agreed period;
  • At the end of the period, when the full amount of the down payment has already been paid, you will receive a certificate from the Seller that you have already accumulated the down payment to the bank;
  • Apply to the bank for an apartment loan;
  • A notarial agreement for the purchase and sale of the apartment is concluded, the Bank transfers the remaining money to the Seller – you become the owner of your apartment.
The bank says your income is insufficient

This is a fairly common situation when the bank while applying the internal and credit lending requirements set by the Bank of Lithuania, applies various possibilities of the Buyer to properly pay the apartment loan installments. The most common problems are:

  • The ratio of existing income to liabilities does not comply with the 60% income and 40% liability rules;
  • Consumer loans increase liabilities;
  • A poor history of existing commitments;
  • An excessive number of credit cards and the exhausted limit on them;
  • You have a spouse but he/she has very little income or is on paternity/maternity leave;
  • Spouse’s income from individual activity or business certificate and income statement have not yet been submitted.

For the reasons listed above, the bank is currently unable to grant a loan for the apartment, but you are financially responsible and believe that you can rectify your income and liabilities within 6-12 months – we can help you! Just choose an apartment with a lease option.

Working and living in foreign country

Many of our family members, friends, colleagues, and loved ones have gone to live and work abroad, but it is no secret that many of them are constantly thinking about returning to their homeland and creating a life and living space here. We want to contribute to that.

Without income in Lithuania, it is difficult to get an apartment loan from a bank in Lithuania, and it is also not possible to borrow from a local bank abroad. We offer you to use the leasing service, purchase the desired apartment, and settle the issue of financing your apartment within the agreed time.

This greatly facilitates the decision to buy an apartment in Lithuania, because you can start doing it tomorrow – all you need to do is choose an apartment suitable for purchase by leasing, and we will make sure that negotiations and the transaction with the Seller go smoothly.

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