Property lease

For those who are looking for a long-term and safe alternative to the bank

Leasing an apartment is a modern and safe way to buy an apartment you like and pay it off without a bank loan. You will have up to 120 months to pay off the full value of the home. Payments will never increase for the entire duration of the contract – it is both safe and convenient. Problem-solving is only with the Seller of the apartment, and not with the whole team of bank employees who do not have the power to make final decisions.


  • You can buy any apartment offered on the market (Old construction is valued individually);
  • If the apartment is fully equipped - you can start living in 7-14 days;
  • After 12 months, you can make an advance payment and buy an apartment at any time;
  • If the apartment is partially finished - we will offer full finishing and finance it.

Security and guarantees

  • The price of the apartment will not increase during the contract period, and the value will grow;
  • If there are financial problems, we will solve them together;
  • Possibility to extend the contract up to 120 months;
  • All apartments are insured against all possible risks;
  • If you change your mind, we will offer your apartment to others.


  • Apartment price from 50,000 to 150,000 Eur (Fully-equipped);
  • The minimum term is 24 months;
  • The apartment remains the property of the Seller for the entire term of the contract;
  • A one-time contract fee applies;
  • Age from 21 years.

How is this different from Rent2Buy?

Rent2Buy is a temporary alternative until you can borrow from a bank. After accumulating 15-30% of the apartment value during the contract - the rest will be paid with the help of a bank loan or your own funds. In the case of a lease, the full 100% of the value of the apartment is paid in installments over a maximum period of 120 months.

Property leaseRent2Buy
The differenceDesigned to redeem the full value of the homeDesigned to accumulate a down payment
The value of the apartment is accumulated during the term of the contract 100%0-30%
Checking incomeNot verifiedAny income received is eligible
The initial contribution15-30%0-30%
Contract period24-120 months24-36 months
Modification of the terms of the contractPossible by mutual agreementPossible by mutual agreement
Property ValuationOptionalOptional
Early repaymentAfter 12 monthsAfter 12 months
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How is this different from a bank loan?

A bank loan is always the cheapest way to buy an apartment, but borrowing from a bank presents not only challenges but sometimes problems.

Property leaseBank
Needed incomeAny received incomeLength of employment min 6 months. Business certificate min 24 months
The 60/40 income to liability ratio is checkedNoYes
The initial contribution0-30%15-30%
Contract period12-120 monthsMax 30 years
Modification of the terms of the contractPossible by mutual agreementThe application and creditworthiness are reassessed
Property ValuationOptionalMandatory

Can't find the right home?

We can help you to find the right home. It costs nothing. Try out our Property with a lease search service.

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